Limited edition.

Fermented and macerated for 21 days with the skins and then aged in clay amphorae for 5 months.

The amphorae are made in Bisbal d'Empordà and inside they have a layer of natural beeswax to waterproof them, following one of the Roman and Greek methods.

Hand harvested grapes.


Variety: Organic red Garnacha.

Soil: Slate soil, poor in organic matter.

Climate: Mild winters and hot summers. With the influence of the Tramuntana all year round, a dry wind that comes from the north passing through the Albera mountains.


Tasting note

View: Dense black/reddish color with promise of texture.

Aroma: Driven by typical Albera fruits, such as blackberries. 

Mouth: It fulfills the promise of the nose with a wine with a rich texture and full of ripe fruit flavor. A certain sweetness gives rise to a generous finish on the palate.

Serve at 18 degrees of temperature.