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The naturals is the line of wines produced by Gabriel Castelló Murphy. They want to express wine in its most natural and wild form, while controlling the winemaking process with the utmost rigor. These are characterized by not having added sulfites and have not been subjected to any clarification, filtration or correction. Annual production is around 3,000 bottles. The labels have been painted by Vanessa, Gabriel's girlfriend.

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The grapes are picked by hand and are certified organic. They come from vineyards with plant cover and minimal tillage, which favors the diversity of plants and insects as well as the microbiology of the soil. In addition, fruit trees are being planted in the middle of the vines to achieve a third layer of vegetation that will further help biodiversity and will also generate occasional shade to protect the vines from the intense summer heat.


The wines are made with the Garnacha negra variety, typical of the Empordà area for centuries. This is transformed with different methodologies such as: the ancestral method to make the sparkling Ventcestral, carbonic maceration to make Plujònic, skin-contact maceration for Soletern or skin-contact maceration in clay amphora for Màfora. The objective is to recover old ways of making wine, since the maximum authenticity is sought.

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The labels want to represent the different people who have helped Gabriel to make this project possible. In addition, she has made reference to the 3 elements that characterize the Empordà terroir: the ancestral Tramuntana wind, the torrential rain that falls when you least expect it and the eternal sun that gives life to the vineyard. On the other hand, the name Màfora is an anagram of Àmfora. This gives all the character to the wine, it is made of terra cotta and contains natural beeswax inside.

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