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By: Maia Castelló



Rabós is a small and picturesque Catalan village located at the foot of the Pyrenees along the Orlina River, habitat of the protected Albera tortoise, in an environmental setting of great beauty. The cultivation of the vine has been carried out in these lands for centuries.


We work with the minimum intervention and we see the vineyard as an ecosystem containing a multitude of insects, animals, birds and a diversity of plants and microbes in the subsoil to be respected.


The harvest is done by hand and on the most appropriate dates with the levels of ripening and complexity of the grapes. The grape harvest in Castelló Murphy has always been a place for meeting, cooperation and enthusiasm.


Once harvested, the grapes are fermented in tanks or amphorae.


After the first fermentation, malolactic fermentation takes place in wooden barrels, in stainless steel tanks or in amphorae. Then some of the wine is left to mature for 12 to 18 months in 500-liter demi-muid French oak barrels to achieve the complex balance of tannins and aromas.


Once satisfied with the quality of maturation and balance of the wine, we carry out the final blend to pass to bottling by hand. Labeling and packaging is also manual.


We take great care to ensure the ecological credentials of our wine and to minimize the use of additives.

H A R V E S T  2 0 2 1
By: Júlia Berrido


 © Photos: Yvonne Heinert

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