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Fermented and macerated for 21 days with the skins and then aged in French oak barrels for 6 months. Malolactic fermentation in barrels.

The vineyards were planted with different grape varieties for centuries for local consumption. Currently, the production of the Samas is limited to 3,000 bottles per year of manual harvest, exclusively from organic grapes.


Varieties: Merlot and Cariñena from old vineyards.

Soil: Slate soil with river stones, poor in organic matter.

Climate: Mild winters and hot summers. With the influence of the Tramuntana all year round, a dry wind that comes from the north passing through the Albera mountains.


Tasting note

View: Purple and reddish cherry color.

Aroma: Powerful and deep aromas of ripe fruit with dense notes of earth from oak ageing.

Palate: We discover rich and subtle tannins that are very elongated on the palate. This wine promises a great aging time.


It is recommended to decant prior to tasting and serve at a temperature of 18  degrees.

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